Buying a New Mac? Don’t Wait to Migrate Your Data.

by Sarah Dobson on February 01, 2021

When you buy a new Mac, it might seem intimidating to migrate your data from your old computer — but thanks to Apple’s Migration Assistant, it actually couldn’t be easier.

The next time you buy and set up a new Mac, make sure to migrate data and apps from your previous Mac to it right away during the initial setup. It can be tempting to see what it’s like to use it fresh from the factory or to delay migrating because doing so would force a macOS upgrade, but waiting is a mistake. The problem is that if you do real work in an account on the new Mac, when it comes time to use Migration Assistant to bring over data from your old Mac, there’s no way to merge the old and new accounts. The best workaround is to make sure all important data on the new Mac is also stored in a cloud service like iCloud Drive or Dropbox, and then replace the new account on the new Mac with the old account from your previous Mac. Bring all the data back down from the cloud afterward.

Transferring your data to a new Mac can sometimes seem like a daunting and confusing task, but fortunately, your friends at Simply Mac are here to help. We accept appointments for assistance with data migration, as well as a wide variety of other repair and service requests. Check out our new online appointment scheduler to make your service appointment today!