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Excitrus 30W Wireless Power Bank - Fast Charge Phones, Laptops & Devices

Excitrus 30W Wireless Power Bank - Fast Charge Phones, Laptops & Devices

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Revolutionary new laptop power bank with integrated wireless charging. This exceptionally compact power bank supports MacBook and Laptop charging through Power Delivery (PD) and the USB-C port, general USB device charging through the USB-A port, and phones and other wireless compatible devices through the integrated wireless charger.

• 10W Wireless Charging for Smartphones, iPods and other wireless devices.
• 30W Power Delivery (PD) USB-C output delivers fast charging for MacBooks, laptops and Samsung phones.
• 18W QC3.0 USB-A output.
• Wireless charging, USB-C and USB-A ports allows for 3 device charging simultaneously.
• 30W fast charging USB-C input, allows for fully recharge in 75 min.
• 10,000mAh heavy duty Lithium Polymer battery will maintain capacity and output levels for years.
• Low Power Device charging mode: special mode for charging Apple Watch and wireless earbuds.
• Two cables included (USB-C to USB-C, USB-A to USB-C).
• 8 level safety protection for devices.
• Compact design, easy to carry.

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